Due to the rapid development of, and uncertainties involving the spread of Covid 19, the crew at Skys’l Seaways had to make a tough decision.

Out of an abundance of caution for our family, we have decided to postpone all reservations until further notice.

We do hope you understand, and find an alternative way to enjoy the outdoors

What We’re All About

With more than 30 years of combined sailing experience we are proud of it. We also have a sense of humor. Check out our ‘Salty’ portraits below.

Captain Laura Groves

With over a decade of professional maritime experience ranging from snorkel and dinner cruises in Key West to ocean crossing voyages on a 180 ft tall ship, Laura brings her love of the ocean to her home town, Gulfport. For the past 5 plus years guests on a variety of vessels have called Laura Captain. She has helped students, families, and adventure seekers alike explore the entire west coast of Florida, and the Florida Keys, New York Harbor, Delaware Bay, and Chesapeake Bay among others. Prior to her sailing career, Laura earned a B.A. in Environmental Studies from New College of Florida and completed an undergraduate thesis on mangrove ecology. As a naturalist she believes that by helping people experience marine and coastal ecosystems first hand they will become better stewards of our environment. Laura also promotes a plant-based diet for the health of both our planet, and our bodies. When she isn’t on the water you can find her in her garden, on her yoga mat, training acrobatics, or instructing acroyoga at a local gym in St. Petersburg. As an ex-gymnast Laura is a life long movement practitioner.

Jason Fraley

Time to play! As one of the original AcroYogi monkeys of the Tampa Bay area, Jason will have you upside down and rediscovering your inner child. Come with your partner or a friend and take home the basic skills to begin a meaningful acroyoga practice

Alix Emery

Alix is a certified Hatha and Progressive Ashtanga yoga instructor and founder of @_RootsinWellness. Her classes are influenced by a personal practice of The Rocket, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga yoga. Alix believes everyone, all levels and ages, can experience self gratitude, strength and healing with practice. When Alix is not on her mat, you can find her cycling around town, climbing, or on the water. She is a certified Holistic Living Coach and believes that through eating whole foods, finding a self motivating movement practice and understanding how to intuitively listening to one's own body, that absolute vibrant health can be achieved.

Zach Mills

Zach's teachings are a reflection of his personal practices in Vinyasa, Progressive Ashtanga (Rocket), and AcroYoga. His classes emphasize movements to build strength and flexibility, with room for exploring inversions and floating transitions. He believes yoga practice should be expressive and focus on breathing and efficiency of movement. Zach is a biologist with an athletic background who came to yoga seeking a means for preventing injury. Zach was certified through Lucky Cat Yoga with Eric and Erin Wheeler. He has also completed the Rocket Vinyasa certification with David Kyle.